Name & Age

Todd O’Neal,


Electrical Engineer

Hobbies (other than triathlon):


Family Status (married/single/number and age of children or siblings): Pets (name, age, breed etc.):

Daisy, Weenie Dog

Years in Triathlon:


Best or Favorite Event (swim/bike/run):


Favorite Race/Distance:

Half Iron

Currently Training For (list the race(s) you are focusing your efforts on for this year):

Sprint and Olympic Distances and Oilman

Started Triathlon Because:

Wanted some cross training to make my run better

Best Racing Experience:

Ironman Florida 2013, 10:39 and felt amazing all day. Perfect racing day.

Worst Racing Experience:

Ironman Arizona 2008, walked 24 of 26 miles on badly blistered foot.

Racing Advice (training tips, favorite drink or food item, ways to avoid injuries etc.):

Allow yourself time to recover. Most racers I know train too much and wonder why they are slow on race day. Uninjured and rested is faster than fit and hurt. 

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