Name & Age

Heidi M. Brewer (F30-34)


NASA Flight Controller

Hobbies (other than triathlon):

Grad school, reading, and eating (a lot)

Family Status (married/single/number and age of children or siblings):

Married to Kyle Brewer (race volunteer extraordinaire) 

Pets (name, age, breed etc.):

Jerry, Velociraptor, Skinny Tree, and Warren (houseplants)

Years in Triathlon:

Since 2008

Best or Favorite Event (swim/bike/run):


Favorite Race/Distance:

Half Ironman

Currently Training For (list the race(s) you are focusing your efforts on for this year):

Galveston 70.3 Clear Lake Olympic Ironman Florida

Started Triathlon Because:

I wanted a new goal after finishing my first marathon. Many thanks to Todd O’Neal for planting the idea in my head and Melanie Yarzy for needing a training partner.

Best Racing Experiences:

Lonestar Triathlon 2008 – it was my first tri and I will never forget it
Ironman Texas 2012 – hometown crowd support and a happy, pretty run... what a great day!

Worst Racing Experience:

I don’t really have one. I love them all for different reasons. You can learn something from each race. Sometimes you will be surprised what you learn about yourself.

Racing Advice (training tips, favorite drink or food item, ways to avoid injuries etc.):

Have fun, work hard, never give up, and smile. 

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