Name & Age Jitka Newald, 56

Occupation: Designer

Hobbies (other than triathlon): Travel

Family Status (married/single/number and age of children or siblings): Married, 1 child

Pets (name, age, breed etc.): Rok-German Shepard, Sid & Pats Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Samson the cat

Years in Triathlon: 9 years

Best or Favorite Event (swim/bike/run): 70.3 St. Croix. 

FavoriteRace/Distance: 70.3’s

Currently Training For (list the race(s) you are focusing your efforts on for this year): 70.3 Galveston and BSL

Started Triathlon Because: I watched IM Kona 20+ years ago on TV. That was very inspiring and my dream was to go that distance before I turn 50 years old.

Best Racing Experience: So much fun at my 1st Ironman in KY 2007 meeting great athletes and friends

Worst Racing Experience: DNF at Galveston 70.3. Symptoms of having heart attack. Luckily it was just pinched nerve due to aero helmet

Racing Advice (training tips, favorite drink or food item, ways to avoid injuries etc.):

Don’t forget to eat and drink. Don’t over train and stay healthy. Chicken soup for Ironman, Generation YOUCAN sports drink for 70.3’s. 

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