Name & Age:  

Kathleen Scharchburg, 54


High School Teacher & Swim Coach

Hobbies (other than triathlon):

Is there really any time for other hobbies?? I am a classic movie fan and enjoy tennis.

Family Status (married/single/number and age of children or siblings):

Single with two sons: Micah (26) and Noah (23).

Pets (name, age, breed etc.):

T1 and T2, my orange cats, 2 and 3 years old

Years in Triathlon:


Best or Favorite Event (swim/bike/run):

Swim, swim swim!

Favorite Race/Distance:

Olympic – not too far and not too short

Currently Training For (list the race(s) you are focusing your efforts on for this year):

Kemah Olympic, Buffalo Springs, Du the Polar Bear, Galveston Half, Austin 10/20 (10 miles with 20 bands)

Started Triathlon Because:

I heard about a race where you could ride a bike and swim (I was already a runner). It was so much fun I had to continue.

Best Racing Experience:

Ironman Florida. Everything went perfectly: nutrition, race plan, transitions. Even had a lot left in me at the finish line.

Worst Racing Experience:

Swimming in Houghton Lake in Northern Michigan before people wore wet suits. I was so cold off the bike, I couldn’t move.

Racing Advice (training tips, favorite drink or food item, ways to avoid injuries etc.):

Listen to your body. Only you know how you feel - not your coach, spouse children, or others. 

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