Name & Age: 

Bastian Sopora, 30



Hobbies (other than triathlon):

Tinkering, Music, Cooking

Family Status (married/single/number and age of children or siblings):

Married to Stacy

Pets (name, age, breed etc.): none

Years in Triathlon: 7

Best or Favorite Event (swim/bike/run):

All three, that’s why I tri!

Favorite Race/Distance:

I’ve done everything from a super-sprint to Ironman. I enjoy each distance’s unique mix of all-out speed and endurance-toughness.

Currently Training For (list the races you are focusing your efforts on for 2014):

IM Texas, Clear Lake Tri, 70.3s

Started Triathlon Because:

I needed a new challenge after moving for grad school. Had always thought Triathlon was a cool idea, so I signed up for a sprint with 2 weeks to go. Rode a 30+lbs hybrid bike and suffered through the run, but I was hooked. Bought a road bike the day after, did my second sprint two weeks later.

Best Racing Experience:

Sprint Finish at 2011 Vineman 70.3; Double Headers (Sprint on Saturday, Olympic on Sunday) at Rancho Seco, CA;

Worst Racing Experience:

Wildflower 2010 – flatted on the bike, overcooked the legs on the climbs (“nasty grade”), run isn’t flat either. That hurt a lot.

Racing Advice (training tips, favorite drink or food item, ways to avoid injuries etc.):

In races, things WILL go wrong in unexpected ways. Practice&prepare for as many scenarios as you can.
Also: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” - Benjamin Franklin 

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