Morgan Fox
Oilman Half-Iron

I went into this race with HIGH expectations, the day did not go exactly as planned, but then again, what race does? Woke up at 3:30. Thank goodness for the time change! I don’t think I fell asleep until midnight so that extra hour was a lifesaver. I tried my best to get in breakfast on a nervous stomach; I ended up staring at a bowl of oatmeal for a good ten minutes before I gave myself a 5-minute time limit to get it down. I drove the hour up to Conroe and only had to use one bathroom stop. I got there right as transition opened and ran into Eric, who as
usual, was quite a distraction from the nerves. I got transition set up, made two more port-o-potty stops and got my wetsuit on. It was a VERY cold morning so I was thankful to be putting it on. 

Swim: The first hundred yards or so I was in the lead pack, feeling great! One swift kick to the face I and stopped for just a second, aaaaand they were gone. The swim was easy and smooth. I felt really strong. The water was pretty choppy but I have learned to be ok with that. One thing I really need to work on- sighting. Every time I looked up, I was about a hundred yards from everyone…I don’t think I swam 1.2 miles, probably closer to 1.5 OOOPS. AAAAND my time reflected every bit of that. It was about 5 minutes slower than I had hoped. I came out of the water, my heart rate was low so I knew I was ready for the bike. 

T1: Opted no on the jacket, thank goodness. 

Bike: The first hour of the bike was fantastic, pretty chilly but I felt great. I was averaging over 20 mph (we had a bit of tail wind) and feeling really good. Then the wind picked up and continuously changed directions for the next two hours. I realized my front break was rubbing just a little. I got off to try and fix it but I could not figure it out. Because it was just barely rubbing, I figured waiting for someone to help was probably not worth my time. I hopped back on and tried to suck it up! Around mile 35 I realized, I REALLY had to pee. I knew I had one water stop left and figured I’d hop off there to go. Long line, no way I was waiting. I spent the next 16 miles contemplating going on the bike. By the time I stopped pedaling long enough to mentally prepare myself, I had to start pedaling again so I would not fall over. Then I kept thinking, my perpetuum bottle is right under me, there is no way I can hold the bottle, ride with one hand, and pee at the same time. Needless to say, that did not happen! 

T2: Super smooth! 

Run: Still had to go to the bathroom! Finally at mile 2 open port-o-potty, I was ready to explode, as I was turning the guy in front of me hopped in there. I waited over 2 minutes!!!! (yes, I was staring at my garmin the whole time) Finally he was out of there. That was my longest mile of the day 11:55. After the first loop, I was feeling so defeated, my swim was 5 minutes off my goal, my bike was 15 minutes off my goal, really did not want to finish. Then, I saw the Bond family and my coach cheering me on. The weather was fantastic and I realized I was a third of the way done! About mile 7 I felt my tummy and ended up in port-o-can number 2 (10:35 mile) all of my others were between 8:30-9:25. I PR’d my half marathon by over two minutes even with a few minutes of port-o-potty time. When I realized I had exactly enough time to break six hours if my last three miles were under 9:15 I knew I could do it! I came in with 28 seconds to spare! Over 22 minutes off of my last half iron time on a much harder course. Though I would have liked for things to go a bit more to plan, Oilman was a great learning experience!!!!! 
Things I learned: 
1.SIGHTING is important!
2.Leave the past in the past, if you had a poor swim or bike, let it go and be in the moment.
3.I will NOT pee on my bike.

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